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Our Shampoo is PAWSitively NaturalTM and We Can Prove It!

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Reading the ingredients on your dog's shampoo label should not be difficult! You should be able to pronounce and understand every. single. ingredient in the bottle. You could possibly have majority of the ingredients to Green Paw Essentials Shampoo in your kitchen. Can you say that about your current shampoo? So go ahead... like we said, we'll wait!

Compare Fact Sheets

Before you buy another bottle of a competitor's shampoo, find the fact sheet and count how many preservatives are in the shampoo. Shampoo doesn't need to have a shelf life of 10 years! It's meant to be used...let your dog play dirty so they can get clean again using something truly natural!

Compare Bottle Size

Green Paw Essentials Shampoo is highly concentrated! Not watered down with preservatives, filtered water, or anything that dilutes the shampoo. You can use less because a little goes a long way! You don't need 16 oz when you can get a full 8 oz of only the good stuff!


Meet Kizzy!

Kizzy is a 3 year old Pitbull who currently resides in Richmond, VA. Kizzy’s pawrents came to Green Paw Essentials because Kizzy has dry, itchy skin. After one bath, her pawrents noticed an immediate change in the amount of flakes and scratching that usually comes with bath time. Join Kizzy and become part of our family where we believe that our fur babies deserve the best. Make it easy. Make it Green Paw Essentials!